India is the most preferred destination for gastro intestinal treatment- Gastroenterology procedures, India’s medical expertise, international technology at par with the best in the world, and the incredible cost-effective health care. As health care costs are increasing, the patients in the countries like America, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Japan, Europe, UK and Australia etc. are turning to India for medical treatment and with India’s best healthcare facilities providing world-class healthcare for Gastroenterology procedures at just a small fraction of the cost else where, India is emerging as being the most economical health Medicare destination with enormous medical healthcare cost savings on Gastro intestinal- abdomen- Gastroenterology procedures like Laparoscopy Appendectomy, Endoscopic CBD stone removal, Liver cyst treatment, Pseudo-pancreatic cyst treatment, Stapler surgery for hemorrhoids, Colonic Gastric Polypectomy, Laparoscopic Colon Surgery etc.

The cost of overseas medical healthcare travel tour package for Gastroenterology treatments procedure cost, hospital inpatient care, a stay in air conditioned private single room at hospital as inpatient, Gastroenterology surgeon- Gastroenterology doctor fee, all medical consultations, nursing, Castro intestinal treatment cost, medicines- drugs and procedure consumables, medical tests- investigations, pre and post procedure accommodation at luxury Hotel, personal assistance services- escort, comfortable recuperation, Private car transfers, travel and sight-seeing tours costs can be 60 – 90 per cent cheaper than the gastroenterology procedure alone costs one may find in the above-mentioned countries.

This unique blend of top class medical healthcare expertise for Gastroenterology treatment and care procedures and other medical health care procedures at attractive and affordable prices is the most important factor in a constant annual growth rate of 30% in Medical tourism to India.

Many of the Gastroenterology surgeons and doctors in India have graduated from top medical school universities of North America-USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia and have vast overseas healthcare surgery experience and training for performing Gastro enteric procedures from hospitals and clinical research facilities abroad in the inexpensive Gastroenterology procedures these specialist doctors perform. Health care services in India are always provided by well-trained medical professionals – doctors, with superior health care know-how and experience.